Open Day at Tobruk House Honouring the Carpathian Brigade


Sunday 29 August, 10am to 4pm

The Polish Independent Carpathian Brigade relieved exhausted Australian troops in August 1941.  Relishing the battle, they earned a fearsome reputation defending Tobruk from September to November.  To honour the Carpathian Brigade, the Rats of Tobruk Association is hosting another Open Day at its historic Tobruk House, on Sunday 29 August.  This will be followed by a special commemoration service at the Shrine of Remembrance.

For more information ring 0432 232 502 or email

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1 thought on “Open Day at Tobruk House Honouring the Carpathian Brigade”

  1. Thank you for honouring the Carparthian Brigade contribution to the siege, my late Father in law served at Tobruk and was extremely proud to have served . I wondered if such events as the commemoration service could be streamed or recorded?

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